Wisdom Teen Mums


Crisis Care

Upon acceptance to the Programme, clients will be assessed immediately to determine their immediate needs. Areas of need can include, but may not be limited to, providing food and clothing, signposting to legal assistance, counselling, and case management.

Job Training & Preparedness

Clients will receive job-training skills such as resume preparation, interpersonal skills, “dress for success” guidance, interviewing techniques, skills assessment, pre-employment preparation, care exploration, job location assistance, and personal coaching.


Educational services will include tutoring, college exploration, career counselling, computer workshops, and other education advancement support service

Recreation & Exercise Program

Basic recreational activities will be planned for the clients such as board games and field trips. Exercise programs will include various physical exercises as well as health nutritional guidelines.

Life Skills

This area will address the various needs as pertinent to the case management file for each client. Such skills and programs may include parenting skills, conflict resolution, mentoring program, empowerment skills, individualized counselling, and independent living skills.

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