Wise Youth Academy (W.Y.A.)

Youth EngagementWe believe that youths are unique individuals with a lot to offer, if given the right tools and skills to demonstrate their innate capabilities. Youths are the future. Wise Youth Academy (WYA) is established for Youth for children aged between 12-19 years old. It is held every Saturday between 12noon – 3pm during term time and holidays. Membership is free to all. As a member of WYA, you will be able to participate in a range of supervised activities, games and structured learning. There may also be trips and social events, such as presentations, planned throughout the year.

Our programme of activities includes:

Youth Engagement Scheme (Y.E.S.)

Y.E.S! WE BELIEVE IN YOU, YOU CAN DO IT! The scheme aims to ensure that youths are given the chance to regain lost opportunities, develop potentials and talents, by investing time and resources in them in on a one-one basis in order to make a difference in the lives of youths. We provide the youths with a structured environment which accommodates diversity and meets the needs of students as individuals.

Our goal is to address the dynamic, holistic needs of youths – physical, emotional, psychological, social, and academic. We provide the following services especially but not exclusively to youth from refugees and asylum seekers families, those whose family are on income support, excluded students, youth N.E.E.T (Not in education, employment or training) and those experiencing challenges with their educational attainments.

Education Development

The aim is to develop and or enhance youth academic skills. We ditch limits, and eradicate barriers to educational attainments whilst maximising potentials.

Career Development

The aim is to help youths learn about future careers, prepare for employment, or learn more about further educational opportunities. We work in partnership with other agencies and in collaboration with parents and youths to make informed choices about future career aspirations. We mentor individuals through partnerships with organisations, professionals, and individuals with unique success stories.

Social Development

The aim is to build character and enhance psychological or social development. We celebrate uniqueness and diversity. Current activities include the following:

Wisdom Choreography Club
Choreography is known as the art of planning and arranging dance movements into a meaningful whole; the process of building a composition; a finished dance work. We respect individual talents and giftings; your innovative and creative ideas are highly welcomed. For more info please contact the Centre

Wise DJ – Music extravaganza
To join or for more info please contact the Centre

Wisdom Dawn Keepers (Drama Club)
We use drama as a tool to impact lives, disseminate positive and wholesome messages, as a catalyst for motivation, inspiration and aspirations. To join or for more info contact please contact the Centre.

Recreation Development

The aim is to provide physical activities that create sportsmanship and let youth have fun. We have an activity in the pipeline:

Wisdom Football Club
For more info please contact the Centre.

The aim is to build a sense of community, promote volunteerism, and provide youth a chance to give back to their community. For more info, please contact the Centre.

To get involved with or participate in the activities of WYA please download, complete and send back this application form.